KiloBytes (KB) To Bytes (Byte) Converter

RATE : 1000 Byte

1 KB
1000 Byte ( Byte )

Instructions To Use The KiloBytes to Bytes Converter

Our KB To Byte Conversion tool is very easy to use just enter the amount of KiloBytes you desire to convert to Bytes. Next just hit the Convert button and you will get to know the answer.

KiloBytes vs Bytes

1 KB ( KiloByte ) 1 Byte ( Byte )
1000 Byte 1 Byte
1 KB 0.001 KB
0.001 MB 1.0E-6 MB
1.0E-6 GB 1.0E-9 GB
1.0E-9 TB 1.0E-12 TB
1.0E-12 PB 1.0E-15 PB
1.0E-15 EB 1.0E-18 EB
1.0E-18 ZB 0 ZB
0 YB 0 YB
8000 bit 8 bit
8 kbit 0.008 kbit
0.008 mbit 8.0E-6 mbit
8.0E-6 gbit 8.0E-9 gbit
8.0E-9 tbit 8.0E-12 tbit
8.0E-12 pbit 8.0E-15 pbit